MAČ - Graham Masterton

Volný čas
Loch Ness Monster Dr Watts’ mutilated body was found the next morning below the boundary wall of Urquhart Castle, half-in and half-out of the waters of the loch. His left arm was missing, and half of his face had been taken away, leaving his right eye staring in surprise and his white hair sticking up. He was still wearing the brown tweed suit in which he had appeared to give his lecture at Inverness University the previous evening. – There Is No Nessie, The Scientific Proof. However the pathologist at Raigmore Hospital suggested that his injuries had been inflicted by the teeth of a “huge predatory creature.” Doctor Ian McLeish heard this on the radio as he cleaned the last of the blood from the jaw of the plesiosaurus skeleton in Inverness Museum and wired it back into place. “English heathen, that’s what you get for trying to malign a great Scottish legend.”