Condition focused 5 day stay "4 worlds = 4 stages"

Condition focused 5 day stay for lovers of rather difficult mountain biking. Be ready for the best what the landscape offers and sometimes even more. Individual MTB stages are planned only roughly, their difficulty and length will be adapted to specific needs of each group. It is possible to consult your sport preparation with experienced bike guide (top racer) and trainer, he can also help you with improvement of you bike technique in rough terrain. Lodging for 4 to 14 people in spacy apartments with own kitchen, bedroom, living room, toilet and well maintained garden with possibility of barbeques or bonfires. Four whole day stages: 1) Hearth of National Park Right at the beginning we will go up to two watchtowers - Dymnik and Vlci Hora, lovely bike trail will take us down to Turicticky bridge and along Kyjov valley we will get to Zadni Doubice. From that place we can get to many other dominants of Czech Switzerland, the choice depends on your current condition. We want you to enjoy even the last kilometer. We can also visit few famous restaurants e.g. Na Tokani, Stara hospoda in Doubice etc. 2) Summits of Lusatian Mountains From the springs of Krinice river on Studanka, past windmill Svetlik and goatfarm Zofin we will go up to the top of Jedlova mountain. More experienced bikers can try downhill track along the ski slope, past ruin of Tolstein castle to Jedlovske lakes and then there are again many places where to go next. The best might be the highest Luz mountain with luxurious singletrack along the state bordres to the ruin of a Falkenstein castle, past Johnsdorf to spa town of Oybin. There we are already deep in German part of Lusatian - Zittau Mountains. Swimming in Kristýna lake - close to the tripoint or in Olbersdorfer See can be a bonus in a hot Summer day. 3) Sluknov hills Springs of Mandava river will start a stage of unlimited choices of watchtowers and points of view in Sluknov area. We can fallow legendary MTB race called Pahorkac which will take to the highest point - Tanecnice. We will get to the most remote parts of the Czech Republic including important border point called North rock. 4) Bohemia MTB tour Novy Bor area has significant biking history therefore it is not possible to miss it. We will start in Cvikov aiming to Nadeje dam and ruin of a castle Milstejn then back to Cvikov. There we join MTB delicacy - "Radvanec see-saws". Difficult gorge "Small bumps" will take us to Sloup v Cechach, where we will ride around Sisak hill near Rock castle. We will go around outdoor theatre in Sloup and we can swim in Radvanec lake. /Note: transfer to Cvikov (20km) is provided/ The length of individual stages is 50 to 100km according your current condition.