Workshop afrických tanců

Volný čas

Srdečně vás zveme na víkendový taneční workshop s lektorkou, tanečnicí a choreografkou Nataschou Noack. Hudební doprovod: Janos Crecelius, Jan Vorlíček, David Oplatek Workshop proběhne v termínu 21.-22.4. 2012 v DDM Ulita ... Sobota: 11-14 hod., 16-19 hod. Neděle: 10-13 hod., 15-17 hod. Cena za celý workshop: 1600 Kč Přihlášky je možné zasílat na email.adresu Po potvrzení registrace je nutné zaplatit zálohu 500 Kč na č.účtu: 2681499001/5500, a to do 18.4.2012 Zpráva pro příjemce: vaše jméno a příjmení Více informací na nebo tel.: 776 153 415 Workshop je pořádán občanským sdružením Baro. Being in the music... being with the music... being the music African Dance is food for the body, the spirit and the soul. The movements are full of elegance but bold and strong at the same time. The dialogue with the music is an extraordinary experience. The drums support and inspire the dancers who in turn share the beauty and the energy of their movements with the musicians. This melting together of music and dance creates a flow that gives strength and joy to everybody involved. In this workshop we will teach one or two traditional dances from Burkina Faso and then use improvisation and playful exercises to create a personal approach to these beautiful movements. We will transmit the technical and musical notions necessary for you to grasp and enjoy even more complicated steps and forms. Combined with notions from other movement studies these principles are useful for dancers and of all levels and anybody interested in movement and rhythm. The aim is to go with the flow, be in the grove, stop thinking about rhythm patterns yet being able to transform them into movement. The main focus is on the dynamics of strength and flexibility, on the contact with the floor and on the use of your inner rhythms for support and inspiration. Through body work and body percussion Natascha and Janos will introduce basic tools that help you deepen your understanding of the different layers of African music in a simple and intuitive way and to integrate this knowledge into your dancing. Natascha Noack studied African dance in Berlin, Paris, Guinee, Mali, Senegal und Burkina Faso. She found particular inspiration in the work of Koffi Koko, Désiré Somé and Elsa Wolliaston for whom she worked as an assistant at the ‘Theatertreffen Berlin’. She teaches in Germany and other European countries, collaborating with artists of different backgrounds in the creation of intercultural performance projects for young adults.


Natascha Noack, Janos Crecelius, Jan Vorlíček