English Rhetoric

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For whom is the course

For Upper Intermediate and Advanced English speakers
For those who want to learn how to deliver effective and entertaining presentations in English
For those who are looking for an opportunity to rehearse and fine-tune public speeches
For those who want to learn how to moderate level of stress during presentations.

What do you get out of the course
You will learn how to structure your presentations so that your audience is thoroughly engaged
You will definitely feel more at ease with your public speaking in English and experience greater confidence while presenting in front of others
You will be provided with many useful techniques and exercises that will help you to foster your self-understanding, creativity and emotional balance
You will learn many interactive games that will make your learning enjoyable

About the facilitator Karel Wichterle, M.A. Psychologist & Drama therapist Mr Wichterle underwent an extensive 3-year training course in which he mastered various techniques of using the expressive medium of drama in order to enhance people’s well-being and work skills. Notably, in the course of English Rhetoric he uses the principles of Positive Psychology, NLP and Guided visualization combined with Stanislavki’s concept of emotional memory and many other concepts that are likely to promote one’s rhetoric qualities. Mr Wichterle employs a student-centred approach and is very flexible when it comes to tailoring the course to each student’s individual needs. Nevertheless, he is very persistent in building a cooperative and supportive atmosphere among his students. Finally, his course is fun as the participants are encourages to play many interactive games.

Price for 8 evenings 4,680 Kč


Datum a čas: 8.2.2012 - 28.3.2012 kazdou stredu 18:30 - 20:30

Místo: Prostor 42 - Gorazdova 1, Palackého náměstí, Praha 2

Cena: 4680 Kč

Lektor: Karel Wichterle, M.A.


Lektor: Karel Wichterle, M.A.