ŠKOLA RÉTORIKY: Anglická rétorika/English Rhetoric

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Anglická Rétorika/ English Rhetoric

ŠKOLA RÉTORIKY Vám vPROSTORU 42 přináší kurz Anglická rétorika / English Rhetoric.


What do you get out of the course


Upon completing the course, students will definitely feel more at ease with their public speaking in English and experience greater confidence while presenting in front of others. Moreover, students will also be provided with many useful techniques and exercises that will help them to foster their self-understanding, creativity and emotional balance. And lastly, participants will learn many ways in which to make their education enjoyable.


Course Syllabus (8 sessions)


Anglická Rétorika/ English Rhetoric


Znáte Anglickou gramatiku a slovíčka? Máte dobré pasivní porozumění, ale jste váhaví když máte anglicky mluvit na veřejnosti. Máte ve své profesi přiležitost prezentace v Anglickém jezyce se svými klienty, ale nejste si dostatečně jistí ve své anglicke frázologii. Máte pocit že trochu praxe vanglické mluvě by Vám přišlo vhod?


Pak je kurs Anglické Rétoriky právě pro Vás.


Náš kurs je určen pro strědně a více pokročilé angličtináře, kteří by se rádi zlepšili ve svém mluveném projevu. Anglická rétorika se zakladá na principech Pozitivní Psychologie a relativně nové disciplíny NLP, která Vám pomůže přinést jistotu do Vašeho mluveného projevu.


Kurs Vám zároven pomůže vědomě pěstovat Vaše silné charakterové a dovednostní stránky. A náš facilitátor Vám napomůže v identifikování oblastí ve kterých se potřebujete zlepšit.


The Person-Centred Module (2 sessions)


  • This module focuses of resolving our internal conflicts that may prevent us from feeling free during our speeches.


  • The participants will be invited to explore the areas of their strengths and talents around which they can build their art of rhetoric.


  • All the students will be also invited to identify some of the destructive forces that may keep us from feeling at ease when speaking.


  • Creating a dialogue between our life-endorsing and destructive powers.


This module draws some inspiration from the Paul's Rebillot's work entitled ‘The Heroes Journey". Whilst searching for our Strengths and Virtues we will use the help of Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology and his manual of Character Strengths.


The Art of Rhetoric (4 sessions)


Identifying the potential topic of our presentation:


  • The concept of brainstorming and the free consciousness.


  • The importance of having an outline.


Engaging the Audience:


  • Opening your speeches.


  • Phraseology.


  • Ways to make it interactive.


Calling upon Aids:


  • Guided visualization.


  • Relaxation Exercises.


Use of Non-Verbal Cues:


  • Illustrating your story.


  • Emphasizing the meaning.


The Final Performances (2 sessions)


The participants will be given an opportunity to rehearse and perform their speeches.


About the facilitator



Karel Wichterle, M.A.


Psychologist & Drama therapist


Mr Wichterle underwent an extensive 3-year training course in which he mastered various techniques of using the expressive medium of drama in order to enhance people's well-being and work skills. Notably, in the course of English Rhetoric he uses the principles of Positive Psychology, NLP and Guided visualization combined with Stanislavki's concept of emotional memory and many other concepts that are likely to promote one's rhetoric qualities. Mr Wichterle employs a student-centred approach and is very flexible when it comes to tailoring the course to each student's individual needs. Nevertheless, he is very persistent in building a cooperative and supportive atmosphere among his students. Finally, his course is fun as the participants are encourages to play many interactive games.




Přihlášení na kurz

  • Datum a čas: 9. 2. 2011 (19:00) - 30. 3. 2011 (21:00)
  • Místo: PROSTOR 42, Gorazdova 1, Praha 2
  • Cena: 4680 Kč
  • Lektor: Karel Wichterle, M.A